“Judge Gill has a stellar reputation. His colleagues elected him President of the Wisconsin Trial Judges Association and observers see him as a judicial conservative who interprets the laws and Constitution as they are written and does not legislate from the bench. He has been endorsed by all three Judges on the District III Court of Appeals as well as many Circuit Court Judges, Sheriffs and DAs throughout the sprawling District III- from St. Croix and Douglas Counties in the West to Brown and Door Counties in the East.”

Retired Supreme Court Justice David Prosser

“The people of Wisconsin deserve judges who will defend the Constitution first, last, and always and I am confident that Judge Greg Gill will do precisely that. He possesses the character, intellect, and temperament our state needs on the bench. Judge Gill’s broad coalition of support speaks to the sterling reputation that he has established in Wisconsin’s judicial system. I am proud to support Greg Gill in his candidacy for the Third District Court of Appeals.”

Congressman Mike Gallagher (WI-8)

“We need more judges like Greg Gill in Wisconsin. He’s a constitutional conservative who will protect our freedoms, support the rule of law, and stand with the courageous men and women of law enforcement.”

Former Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Judge Gill both as a judge and in his life before becoming a judge. I can say, without hesitation, that as both a “civilian” and as a judge, I find him to be of the highest caliber. You will rarely find a humbler and more approachable judge. It is not unusual for him to sit on the bench between hearings chatting with both lawyers and members of the public. I find that he is always both punctual and prepared when on the bench – yet another indication of the respect that he has for both the process and the participants in the legal proceedings before him. Perhaps as important, I can say Greg is simply a good person – off the bench he is a caring and loving family man. His work ethic and his core values will serve him well on the Court of Appeals. I endorse him wholeheartedly.”

Attorney Jeffrey P. Kippa

“Judge Gill possesses the essential qualities of common sense and empathy for the people who come before him. He combines this with a reverence for the laws and rules the legislature has passed and has demonstrated the courage to make tough and difficult decisions. He enjoys the universal respect of other judges and the lawyers who practice in his courtroom.”

Former State Bar President George Burnett

“I have known Judge Gill and his family for decades. I find him to be a likable, intelligent and thoughtful young man who will make an outstanding Appellate Court Judge.”

Attorney Joseph Beisenstein

“The Court of Appeals is an error-correcting court.  As such it is imperative that our chosen Court of Appeals judges have not only intelligence but also real world experience in our justice system.  This includes a working knowledge of our laws, experience in trying cases, and judicial experience in overseeing litigation in our courtrooms.

Greg Gill has not only the intellectual ability to handle such a position, proven by his faithfully and admirably serving the citizens of northern Wisconsin as a sitting circuit judge for over nine years.  None of his opponents can bring this type of real world experience to the Court of Appeals.

As a fellow circuit court judge, I have seen the wisdom of his decisions and his compassion for the litigating parties.  He has built a solid reputation as a fair and insightful judge.  He is well-suited to oversee trials and assess any error that might have occurred in a lower court.  In short, he is extremely qualified to gain the trust of his fellow Wisconsinites in serving on the Court of Appeals.

I wholeheartedly recommend that the citizens of District Three elect Greg Gill to the Court of Appeals.”

Hon. Eugene A. Gasiorkiewicz
Racine County Circuit Court Br. 2

“In these tumultuous and uncertain times, we need a sound and stable court system that is responsive to its citizens and not the statewide activists. We need an Appeals Court Judge who has the judicial experience the District needs. Given that this is one of the most high-profile races in the state this spring, we need a strong, appealing candidate to ensure that the Court remains in reasonable hands!”

Retired Supreme Court Justice David Prosser

“I have had the pleasure of appearing before Judge Gregory B. Gill Jr., over the span of my career. What has stood out to me most is his preparedness, transparency, and commitment to the rule of law. I admire his approach to the bench and am impressed by the level of respect he has given to all parties in and outside of his courtroom. He is intelligent, thoughtful, and analytical. I know that he will be nothing short of phenomenal on the bench as a Court of Appeals Judge and this is why I fully endorse my friend, mentor and colleague. ”

Hon. Lakeisha Haase, Winnebago County Circuit Court 

“I strongly support Judge Gregory B. Gill, Jr.’s candidacy for the Court of Appeals in District III, State of Wisconsin. Judge Gill would make an excellent court of appeals judge. He has vast experience as a trial court judge, and I have appeared in front of him on numerous occasions. He is fair, knowledgeable in all aspects of law, and is an excellent judge for Outagamie County. He would be a great choice as a Court of Appeals judge (although we would miss him as a judge in our community). In addition, Judge Gill cares deeply about the law and the people that are impacted by the law. He is passionate about doing the best job possible as a Circuit Court judge. Judge Gill would be an excellent choice for the Court of Appeals District III. I highly endorse his candidacy.”

Attorney Robert Loomis

“I have tried a civil case in front of Judge Greg Gill in Outagamie County and have had several matters before him. Judge Gill is always well-prepared and reaches well-reasoned decisions. I believe he would be an asset to the Court of Appeals.”

Attorney Jacob R. Reis

“Whenever I draw Judge Gill on a case of mine, I am genuinely excited to appear in his courtroom. Judge Gill has the work ethic and temperament that practicing attorneys wish to see in every judge who sits on the bench. One of Judge Gill’s most impressive qualities is the genuine respect he shows to litigants, defendants, and attorneys who step into his courtroom. Judge Gill’s passion for the law, respect for our system of justice, and dedication to ensuring fairness and equality for those who interact with our court system would make him an exemplary appellate judge.”

Attorney Kristen S. Scheuerman

“Judge Gill has the experience, intellect, and integrity to be an outstanding Court of Appeals Judge. We’re fortunate Judge Gill is willing to serve the public in this vitally important position.”

Attorney Joseph M. Troy

“Judge Gill is hands down one of the finest Judges I have had the pleasure of appearing before in the entire state of Wisconsin. He is smart, thoughtful, independent, and fair! His unique skillset will serve him well as the next appellate judge in this great state!!”

Attorney Jeff Oswald

“Greg Gill is a devoted family man with deep roots in the community he loves and serves. Greg also has a well-deserved reputation as a thoughtful and fair judge who respects the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary. That is why he has earned the public’s trust and the respect of his judicial colleagues.”

Hon. Mary M Kuhnmuench
Milwaukee County Circuit Court (Ret)
Past President of the Wisconsin Trial Judges Association

“I fully support Judge Greg Gill for the Wisconsin Court of Appeals District Three. Judge Gill provides a safe environment for victims of crime to navigate the justice system. He always listens to both sides of the argument and makes an educated, just decision. I am confident his judicial leadership will benefit the citizens of District Three and the State of Wisconsin”

Outagamie County Sheriff Clint Kriewaldt